Professional Development Day: Redefined

Where else do business executives and high school educators meet to discuss ideas that will improve students’ chances for success?  On Tuesday, January 29th, the Corporate Work Study Program organized Cristo Rey teachers and staff for a joint Professional Development Day with business partner supervisors. The agenda: explore ways to structure and support CRSM students so that they can demonstrate … Read More

Cristo Rey Work Study Innovations & the 90 Day Check-In

The staff of the Corporate Work Study Program is charged with guiding first generation, future professionals into the world of work for the first time. Placing students with 70 different business partners to work for 100 unique supervisors demands something quite different from traditional on-boarding. Each summer, Cristo Rey St. Martin freshmen spend weeks in training – covering everything from … Read More

Students Earn High Marks at Work

At this time of year, when high school classrooms and hallways are filled with students taking exams and hoping to earn good grades in their classes, our students at Cristo Rey St. Martin already are receiving some early returns on their performance in the workplace. Supervisors from our Corporate Work Study Program partner companies regularly report on our student’s job … Read More

Students Experience Success in Real Work, Real World

More than 80 work study program leaders gathered recently at AON Hewitt in Lincolnshire, a current Corporate Work Study business partner, to learn more about the state-of-the-state of our successful and innovative program. This semi-annual meeting of supervisors and program managers brought the group together to share information and ideas on how the program is working in businesses across our … Read More

Work Study Program is seeking Student Success Coaches

During the first semester of the current school year, nearly one hundred percent of our student workers attained a “meets expectations” (or higher) overall performance rating in their Corporate Work Study Program job. It’s a great accomplishment that so many students are building life-long skill sets and relationships at work. There are some students who need additional mentoring and skills development, … Read More

Mentor Training Creates Lasting Impact

Understanding the importance of developing the next generation of leaders, and the power of finding experienced professionals to show students the ropes, the Corporate Work Study Program kicked off the new school season by reaching out to business partners and new students in separate, but equally significant, hands-on workshops on mentoring and being mentored. The Secret Life of Teens In … Read More

Working Nine-to-Five All Summer

The success and student engagement in our Corporate Work Study Program is continuing around the calendar year, as 50 students are spending their summer invited back to work (and getting paid) by corporations, banks and non-profits throughout Lake County. “Summer work provides continuation of the work experience that students received during the school year,” said Hugo Chavez, Managing Director, Corporate … Read More