All students who attend Cristo Rey St. Martin are immersed in a culture of becoming college and career ready.  Our goal is to help each student identify their unique talents and interests,  connect those talents with career options, and then provide a pathway to college that will assist them in achieving their career goals.  CRSM graduates demonstrate the ability and determination to complete college and they go on to become influential and inspiring leaders in our society.  

The CRSM College Counseling Department promotes college and career readiness through a diverse assortment of opportunities offered to our students.  

  • College Rep Visits:  Students are encouraged to meet with college representatives that visit CRSM from colleges and universities across the county. These small group sessions help students learn about what colleges offer as well as what college admissions representatives look for as they review incoming applications.
  • College Visits:  Students visit various local colleges.  Students tour their campuses, learn about what the college offers, and meet with college admissions representatives.  CRSM regularly visits: Marquette University, Loyola University Chicago, Dominican University, DePaul University, as well as various others.
  • Pre-College Summer Programs: All CRSM Juniors apply to pre-college summer programs throughout the country.  CRSM students regularly attend programs at:  Georgetown University, Brown University, Fairfield University, Wheeling Jesuit University and Marquette University, as well as numerous others.
  • Fly-out Programs: CRSM Seniors attend weekend fly-out programs to colleges across the country.  These trips give students a close up look at what college life is like.  The College of the Holy Cross, Colby College and Colorado College are a few examples of schools our students visit.
  • FAFSA Workshops:  CRSM offers several workshops that assist families in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Trained volunteers and staff assist CRSM families, as well as other families in our community, in completing this important financial aid process.
  • College Seminar: Seniors attend a weekly College Seminar during 1st semester. These seminars provide guidance and support for students as they finalize college application materials, submit applications, and apply for scholarships.
  • College Readiness Group: Seniors attend a 6-week College Readiness Group during 2nd semester.  This group helps prepare students for what to expect when they begin college. They learn college terminology, identify resources on college campuses, and begin thinking critically about moving to a college campus.
  • Junior Seminar:  Juniors attend a 6-week seminar during the 2nd semester. In these small group sessions, Juniors lay the foundation for the college application process: they begin their college essay, they create an activities resume, they research colleges and create a college list, they identify possible recommenders, and they work on their college essay.
  • ACT Prep Course:  Juniors attend an ACT prep class that is offered after school for 12 weeks leading up to the April ACT test date. CRSM administers the ACT test on campus in April.
  • Networking with Community Resources:  The CRSM Counseling Department collaborates with other community organizations:  College Bound Opportunities (CBO), Schuler Scholar Program, Waukegan to College (W2C), and Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC).

After graduation, CRSM alumni receive support from our Director of Alumni Support. This person maintains contact with our graduates to insure that they successfully transition to college and remain on track for graduation. 

Recognizing that academic and career success are linked to holistic wellness, CRSM Guidance Counselors offer a variety of services to address students’ physical, emotional, and social needs.  Counselors meet individually with all freshmen as well as with transfer students who come to CRSM as Sophomores or Juniors.  They offer supportive counseling for students who are experiencing stressful situations, and they collaborate with community counseling agencies when long term support is needed.  Counselors also work closely with the school nurse to insure that students with medical conditions are supported and successful.

Here are the members of our counseling staff:

Deisy DelRio, School Counselor

Christina Dippold, Social Worker/Counselor

Martha Juarez, School Counselor

Beth Kainic, College Counselor

Melissa Chavez, Director of Alumni Support/College Completion

College Admissions Representatives: please email to Beth Kainic or  Martha Juarez  schedule a visit to our school.