President’s Pen: Last Day/First Day: Saying Hello and Goodbye to our Old and New Buildings

On Thursday, February 8, 2018, students, staff and faculty gathered for the last time in the “cafechapaymatorium” before moving to the new school building Tuesday, the following week. Here, President Preston Kendall shares his thoughts on the transformation from closing one chapter in the school’s story in “Last Day.” Below, in “First Day,” he also chronicles the beginning of the … Read More

President’s Pen: “CRSM is making big moves, watch out world!”

Coming back to school after the long holiday weekend was a cold slap in the face, literally!  The boiler had gone out and the thermometer hanging just outside the principal’s office in the “cafa-gyma-chapa-torium” read 47 degrees Fahrenheit inside.  It was just the latest in a series of facilities-related mishaps at our old, frail, grandmother of a campus. We take … Read More