March President’s Pen: At the Intersection of Faith and Action

Last week when one of our students tweeted, “My bowl turned out so much better than I hoped!” several of us at CRSM knew exactly what she was talking about. Our Campus Ministry office was originally the second floor landing for a back stairway. It’s an oddly shaped affair slightly bigger than most other workplaces on campus and is increasingly … Read More

February President’s Pen: When the Holy Spirit Slaps Me Upside the Head

We held our second round of admissions interviews last week. Parents or guardians are divided from students and each is interviewed separately.  At times it can be very revealing about the level of parental participation when one doesn’t know their own child’s favorite subject or cannot elaborate on any school activities in which their student participates. On the other hand, … Read More

January President’s Pen: CRSM Students Hope that, “America will be!”

Cristo Rey St. Martin and the American Dream are nearly synonymous. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if photos of our students and their parents were the first things that appeared when you looked up “The American Dream” in Wikipedia. Our students come from hard working families determined to pull themselves up and provide a better life for their children. … Read More

President’s Pen: Celebrating the CRSM Spirit of Giving and Generosity

The last day of finals and all through the school People were prepping for a wonderful Yule. The Work Study drivers return from their routes Their students depart amid laughter and shouts. Some teachers remain, still posting their grades As the last bit of daylight gradually fades. A food pantry trip, the last this semester, Is Campus Ministry’s parting, unselfish … Read More

November President’s Pen: Thankful for all of You

As I write, it is the Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving and things at CRSM have quieted. The students are gone, some faculty and staff have already slipped away for the holiday, others are gathering their things or finishing up last minute tasks. What a gift to be able to reflect for a moment on all that goes on at CRSM! … Read More

October President’s Pen: Hope is the Opposite of Poverty

Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, Mettawa, Vernon Hills, Libertyville… Who wouldn’t want to live in these safe, stable communities with great amenities and terrific schools? Many of us live in these places and are raising our families there. Not far away. In fact, closer than you might think; right in our own backyards, the situation is dramatically and tragically different. In … Read More

August President’s Pen: Gathering Together to Make a Difference

“Wherever two or more gather in my name, I am in their midst.” That passage from Matthew 18:20 keeps running through my thoughts this week. On Monday, we welcomed 401 students back to school and back to work. This is our largest enrollment ever and, honestly, I do not think we could fit one more student in our current campus! … Read More

President’s Pen: Summer Sizzles With Opportunities for Students

June is proof that Cristo Rey St. Martin is not your average school. In fact, June embodies just about everything that makes CRSM unique. After graduation, most schools breathe a collective sigh of relief and go into a kind of summer torpor – NOT CRSM! No sooner had graduation and final exams finished but we welcomed our 108 incoming ninth … Read More

May President’s Pen: “Work Inspires Dignity”

I am being followed. I am not sure how long this has been going on but it is starting to take me out of my comfort zone. Nothing sinister about it, it’s just that I keep bumping into St. Joseph! We started this month with our annual all-school mass celebrating St. Joseph the Worker. Given our Corporate Work Study Program, … Read More