Seasonal Sports Update For 2020-2021 
The IHSA has proposed a four season calendar for the 2020-2021 school year.  The dates and seasons listed may change at any time due to updated guidelines provided by the IHSA, ISBE, IDPH, and D127.  In addition to the four seasons of sports, there will be off-season activities available for Boys/Girls Soccer and Boys/Girls Volleyball between September 7th and October 31st. We will be sending out more information in the coming weeks as we are finalizing details. New Dates for each season can be found on each sports individual page.
Commitment. Dedication. Teamwork.
These are the skills that are consistently reinforced in CRSM Athletics.
The CRSM Athletic Program strives to develop college-ready, student athletes who embody sportsmanship through commitment, dedication, teamwork, and a quality work ethic.

Pre Participation Documentation for Student Athletes at CRSM: 

  1. IHSA Pre-Participation Physical Examination Form
  2. IHSA Sports Medicine Acknowledgement & Consent Form (Concussion, PES, Asthma Medication)
  3. Boy’s &  Girl’s Club Membership Form (Pick up copy from Athletics Department or Boys & Girls Club). This is mandatory for any Boys/Girls Volleyball or Basketball Players or Managers.
  4. The CRSM extracurricular activity (eca) fee–$50.00 (Note: This fee is paid once per school year the first time a student participates in an extracurricular activity. )
We are proud to offer 7 sports for our students at CRSM:
Athletics Director: Jordan French, BS; M.S. Sport