Dear Friends, We celebrated Cristo Rey St. Martin’s Quinceañera at our annual Founders’ Dinner this year because it marks a true right-of-passage. La Fiesta de Quince Años is a tradition in many Latinx cultures, celebrating a young woman’s entrance into adulthood. This year we celebrate CRSM’s first 15 years and its future – a future bright with hope and promise. From our modest opening in 2004 to a now thriving institution inspiring young men and women to develop their God-given talents and become agents of change for their community, CRSM is a poignant reminder that, with a clear vision fueled by your support, anything is possible. With 407 enrolled students, CRSM represents only about 1/13 of the total high school population in Waukegan and North Chicago yet, our alumni account for 57% of all new bachelors’ degrees earned here! 50% of our alumni who hold bachelors’ degrees are now working full-time at one of our Corporate Work Study Program job sponsors.There is still so much untapped potential in our our communities. Access to quality education is still desperately needed; to continue to provide it, CRSM needs YOU!  Thank you for believing in the students of Cristo Rey St. Martin. Here’s to the next 15 years and a brighter future together!


Preston Kendall


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