Paths Forward; UL shares future career opportunities with students

Human resource leaders from Underwriter’s Laboratories Inc. (UL) visited CRSM on Oct. 26th to share their insights on the multitude of career opportunities offered by the Northbrook-based global science leader and help prepare them for the workforce. In addition to sharing personal career experience, the UL team offered one-on-one mentorship for students. “We are here to share our experience for … Read More

CRSM Supporters Gather for a “Ravinia-style” Festival & Fundraiser

          If you were traveling down Belvidere Road the night of September 18th, you may have seen the brilliant lights of an outdoor big screen and stage show. You would have been looking at Cristo Rey St. Martin’s 8th Annual ELEVATE Festival and Fundraiser. This year’s celebration was an outdoor, “Ravinia-style” festival, replete with socially distanced … Read More

Becoming More Valuable to Our Business Partners

Becoming More Valuable to Our Business Partners The Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) has a unique understanding of the threats that face American corporations during the pandemic. As partners, we share many of the same challenges; how to maintain productivity, decisions about working and learning remotely, what are the required skills for the “new normal”- just to name a few. … Read More

Corporate Work Study Program: Freshman Ready for Work

Freshman Ready for Work After Training in the Corporate Work Study Program Freshmen spend many hours in the CWSP going over the basics of how to work in a corporate environment. The topics covered span a wide range of skills that students (and adults) need to survive and thrive in a business environment. Email Etiquette Timecard Training Professional Chit Chat … Read More

Corporate Work Study Honors Its Business Partners

On June 10th, the Corporate Work Study Program held its annual Business Partner Appreciation Event.  The event was recorded live and presented to CRSM’s business partners at a private virtual gathering. CWSP Staff presented The Five, Ten and Fifteen Year Partnership Awards to companies in recognition of their continued support through the years. FIVE YEAR AWARD CVS Health North Shore … Read More

CRSM Supporters Rally at the Virtual Founders’ Fundraiser 

On Saturday April 18th, CRSM held its first Virtual Founders’ Fundraiser.  This year’s theme, We Are More Than a Building was particularly apropos.  As President Preston Kendall put it, “The problems caused by the pandemic are wide-ranging, including the necessary step to cancel our in-person Founders’ Fundraiser – but we can be together in spirit. It turned out just that … Read More

CRSM President Preston Kendall featured in The North Shore Weekend

A “Ray of Hope at Cristo Rey,” is the headline for the “Sunday Breakfast with Preston Kendall” profile of CRSM President Preston Kendall featured in the April 7 edition of The North Shore Weekend.  Describing one of his dreams for Cristo Rey St. Martin students, Kendall says: “A couple of generations of Cristo Rey alumni will return to Waukegan and … Read More