And They’re Off: A Behind-the-scenes Glimpse of the College Countdown

It might be five months until the May 1, 2022, National College Decision but CRSM seniors Claudio and Anthony have set their sights on the specific colleges/next launching pads where they can pursue their dreams and studies, they are passionate about. Claudio, who holds a 3.82 GPA, was selected from more than 2,500 students to receive the Posse Scholarship. He … Read More

Hope Forward: College Surprises Seniors with Hand-delivered Acceptance Letters

Seniors Gallery, Eliza and Judy thought they were meeting with other members of the Class of 2022 and Principal Mike Odiotti to discuss outstanding details they needed to clear up before graduation next June; instead, the trio and 14 of their peers found a representative from Hope College waiting for them with surprise acceptance packages and a sea of congratulations. … Read More