“Grateful, Resilient and 100% Committed ”: An Interview with Ryan Scott

Ryan graduated from CRSM in 2016, and received his Bachelor’s degree in 2020. He is now working with a non-profit that focuses on supporting the development, growth and success of students in under-resourced schools. He is a full-time student success coach, partnering with classroom teachers in the city of Chicago, doing one-on-one tutoring and helping students cultivate social, emotional and … Read More

“Don’t forget to Dance”: An Interview with Sharon Zavala

Sharon (CRSM ’11, Allegheny College ’15, Northwestern University ’20) has a family background analogous to the majority of Americans – immigration, harsh living and working conditions, financial hardship, dreams of a better life and college for the children. It’s clear that Sharon’s successes have a theme: High grades at CRSM = lots of involvement in service projects. College scholarships and … Read More

November President’s Pen: We have a great team, problem-solving while responding to what our students and community need.

If you could point to one month out of the year that epitomizes Cristo Rey St. Martin, it must be November.  No month better defines who we are as a school community.  November begins with the Feast of St. Martin de Porres and ends with the Feast of Cristo Rey.  Both celebrations focus on creating a different and better world. … Read More