Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Edwin Medina



Asst. Coach Gaby Martinez-Johnson


Below is a schedule of all scheduled games, practices with locations start, end, and meet times.

Please look over the schedule in full detail and be realistic with yourself as to your commitment and availability. If you are unable to attend 80% or more of the current scheduled games and practices then you may want to reconsider joining the program.  
Season outlook on games, locations and times:

Athletics Documents needed on or before August 9

Fall 2017 season, each player must submit a physical/health inventory dated no earlier than September 29, 2016 on or before Wednesday, August 9.  To help each family meet this requirement. Athletics Department has arranged for Ronald McDonald Care Mobile to provide free physicals at CRSM from July 10-13 from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM each day.  To learn more about this opportunity (i.e., how to make an appointment, etc.), click here.  If you need a physical and are not available to attend July 10-13, please contact me at as soon as possible, and I will attempt to find another free option for you.

  1. IHSA Pre-Participation Physical Examination Form
  2. IHSA Sports Medicine Acknowledgement & Consent Form (Concussion, PES, Asthma Medication)