Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Edwin Medina


Assistant Coach: Pati Ferrer

Assistant Coach: Damien Vasquez

Girls Volleyball will begin Monday August 9. We welcome all young women of CRSM to participate, an encourage increased participation with a NO CUTS policy. We do not want anyone interested in learning the sport to be discouraged from trying out by thinking they may not make the team. Therefore, if you attend and demonstrate our core values of Commitment, Dedication, Teamwork, and GRIT you make the team.

Look forward to seeing many of you, ready to Practice Your Craft.

Please address questions/comments about any aspect of the Volleyball Program to:

Lady Knights 2021 Volleyball Roster Coming Soon

Lady Knights 2021 Volleyball Fall Schedule

Pre Participation Documentation for Athletics at CRSM: 

  1. IHSA Pre-Participation Physical Examination Form
  2. IHSA Sports Medicine Acknowledgement & Consent Form (Concussion, PES, Asthma Medication)
  3. CRSM Athletics Consent Form
  4. The CRSM extracurricular activity (eca) fee–$50.00 (Note: This fee is paid once per school year the first time a student participates on a CRSM Sports Team.  Fee is charged as part of the monthly billing cycle, so there is no need to submit this fee by check/cash to a coach or Mr. French.