Lady Knights Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Fred Bradley


Assistant Coach: William Beal

Student Athletes, Parents, Guardians & Cristo Rey St. Martin Supporters

Lady Knights Basketball 2019-2020 Season Schedule Click Here This document details game times, dates, and locations.

Pre Participation Documentation

Each Girls Basketball candidate must submit the following completed documents to Mr. French or Coach Bradley on or before Nov. 4, 2019.

  1. IHSA Pre-Participation Physical Examination Form
  2. IHSA Sports Medicine Acknowledgement & Consent Form (Concussion, PES, Asthma Medication)
  3. The CRSM extracurricular activity (eca) fee–$50.00 (Note: This fee is paid once per school year the first time a student participates in an extracurricular activity.  Starting in Fall 2018, each family of an extracurricular activities participant is charged the eca fee as part of a monthly billing cycle, so there is no need to submit this fee by check/cash to a coach or Mr. French.) A $50.00 retainer will also be held at the beginning of the season. This retainer will be charged/not charged, depending on the players completion of their respective season.
  4. Boys & Girls Club Membership Forms