CRSM Cheerleading

Commitment. Dedication. Teamwork.

Coaching Staff 

Coach: Janaye Kynard

Coach: Litzy Munoz

Coach: Brenda Gutierrez

As a squad our mission here at CRSM is to show great school spirit! With that comes dedication, teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership and hard work. Being chosen to represent CRSM as a cheerleader is both a privilege and honor. Our main goal is to increase Knights spirit in both the school and community.

Important Dates: 
Cheer will have a meeting on Tuesday September 7th, to gauge interest and discuss plans for camps and tryouts. Important to attend to obtain this information and meet our coaching staff.
Please be aware Cheer Clinics are not mandatory to attend, but we strongly encourage anyone serious about becoming a CRSM Cheerleader to attend each day and fully participate. Cheer will meet at CRSM (3106 Belvidere Rd.) and will practice on site during designated times.

Athletic Pre Participation Documents to be submitted on or Before Monday, Nov. 16:

1.IHSA Pre Participation Physical Form

2. Sports Medicine Form

3. The CRSM extracurricular activity (eca) fee–$50.00 (Note: This fee is paid once per school year. Each family of an extracurricular activities participant is charged the eca fee as part of a monthly billing cycle, so there is no need to submit this fee by check/cash to a coach or Mr. French.) A $50.00 retainer will also be held at the beginning of the season. This retainer will be charged/not charged, depending on the players completion of their respective season.