CRSM Cheerleading

Commitment. Dedication. Teamwork.

Coaching Staff 

Nicole Cook



Michelle Miller


As a squad our mission here at CRSM is to show great school spirit! With that comes dedication, teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership and hard work. Being chosen to represent CRSM as a cheerleader is both a privilege and an honor. Our main goal is to increase Knights spirit in both the school and community.

Congrats on making the team!! I look forward to a great season with all of you

  1. Alondra C.
  2. Kristen G.
  3. Daniela R.
  4. Jackie A.
  5. Litzy M.
  6. Kelly B.
  7. Yonoxi P.
  8. Maria C.
  9. Denise R.
  10. Jacqueline B.
  11. Anajancy P.
  12. Damaris T.
  13. Melissa R.
  14. Kelly T.
  15. Yovanny F.
  16. Ariadna L.
  17. Ada R.
  18. Alondra G.
  19. Lori R.
  20. Liliana D.
First practice will be tomorrowMonday at 5:45pm. Please get your physicals scheduled and speak to French if you cannot make an appointment within the first two weeks. All other forms must be turned in ASAP.

Expectations and Cheer Master Schedule:

Please Review our Expectations Document and Cheer Master Schedule

Athletic Pre Participation Documents to be submitted on or Before Friday Oct. 30:

1.IHSA Pre Participation Physical Form

2. Sports Medicine Form

3. $30 Athletics Fee (Will be billed through student account once team is selected)