CRSM Cheerleading

Commitment. Dedication. Teamwork.

As a squad our mission here at CRSM is to show great school spirit! With that comes dedication, teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership and hard work. Being chosen to represent CRSM as a cheerleader is both a privilege and an honor. Our main goal is to increase Knights spirit in both the school and community.

Please review the information below before tryouts on Wednesday:

    • We will practice 2-3 times every week
    • We cheer for all boys’ and girls’ basketball home games; our season will last from 11/14 – 2/4.
    • Attendance to all practices and games is REQUIRED.  We have a 3 strike policy.  3 absences from practices/games will result in termination from the Cheer Squad.
    • Punctuality is VERY important to our program.  You are expected to be on-time to all games & practices.  You also must be picked up from games & practices promptly after they end.  Consequences, such as running extra laps/stairs, will be given as needed.
    • If you are not in school for at least half of the school day, you are not allowed to practice or cheer at a game. (This is an IHSA rule)
    • You will be notified if you made the team or not on Thursday 11/10 after tryouts via email.


  • Your $30 athletic fee and IHSA Sports Medicine Acknowledgement & Consent Form are due by Monday 11/14 to either Mr. French or the Cheer Coach


  • Other expenses that will be your responsibility: New members must purchase undergarments and bow ($22 approximate total).  Returning members will not need to purchase these again if they still fit and are in good condition.  This money must be turned into the Cheer Coach by 11/21.
  • All members MUST have a current physical on record ASAP.  Any members who do not have their physical will not be allowed to participate until they have a current physical.  It is your responsibility to check with Mr. French regarding your physical and turn in your paperwork & fees.
  • You must be academically eligible to participate at games and practices.  
  • You must be respectful at all times to EVERYONE.

2016-2017 Cheer Home Game Schedule:

  1. 12/2/16 FRI – 6:45 PM (Girls)
  2. 12/3/16 SAT – 11:00 AM (Girls)
  3. 12/6/16 TUE – 7:15 PM (Boys)
  4. 12/8/16 THUR – 7:00 PM (Girls)
  5. 12/9/16 FRI – 7:00 PM (Girls)
  6. 1/14/16 SAT – 1:30 PM (Boys)
  7. 1/20/16 FRI – 7:30 PM (Boys)
  8. 1/21/16 SAT – 11:30 AM (Boys) & 2:30 PM (Girls)
  9. 2/3/16 FRI – 7:30 PM (Boys)
  10. 2/4/16 SAT – 11:00 AM (Boys)

Please seriously consider all the information and schedule before trying out on Wednesday.  We are looking for seriously committed athletes ONLY.


Dates: Monday (11/7) & Wednesday (11/9)

Time: 5:15p-8:00p

Location: Chapel

Attendance at both tryouts is REQUIRED. Wear athletic clothing, shoes, and bring water. Contact Mrs. Dudek w/any questions or concerns. Submit Pre Participation documents and $30 Athletic Fee to Mr. French or Mrs. Dudek as soon as possible.

Please email Mrs. Dudek if you have any questions at:

Athletic Documents to be submitted:

3. $30 Athletics Fee