Coach: Edwin Medina


Coach: Jessica Nichols


Very Important Update

08.19.2020 Announcement: Due to Covid 19 and its ongoing impact the IHSA decided Boys Volleyball is scheduled to the Summer of 2021 with a start date of May 3-June 26. However, we will have mandatory contact days for our student athletes beginning Monday Sept. 7- Saturday Oct. 31. As we finalize details be advised this is mandatory for all boys interested in participating during the Summer 2021 Season May 3-June 26. 

Pre Participation Documentation for Athletics at CRSM: 

  1. IHSA Pre-Participation Physical Examination Form
  2. IHSA Sports Medicine Acknowledgement & Consent Form (Concussion, PES, Asthma Medication)
  3. Boys & Girls Club Membership Applications
  4. The CRSM extracurricular activity (eca) fee–$50.00 (Note: This fee is paid once per school year the first time a student participates in an extracurricular activity.  Annually, each family of an extracurricular activities participant is charged the eca fee as part of a monthly billing cycle, so there is no need to submit this fee by check/cash to a coach or Mr. French.) A $50.00 retainer will also be held at the beginning of the season. This retainer will be charged/not charged, depending on the players completion of their respective season.