Students support the corporate supply chain in many ways – inventory management, Q/A, investigating freight claims – you name it. Look through some of the activities below to get ideas on how Cristo Rey students can help you be more efficient.

General materials order: coordinate logistics for release of materials, generate new manufacturing orders from client system, schedule materials for distribution, issue materials and replacements, follow materials through production process and enter status in client tracking system.

Coordinate inventory management: identify owner of obsolete products, communicate to salesperson to move products and enter status in client system

Freight Forwarder Data Analysis: Review shipping orders, actual data and estimated data and create master data set. Analyze discrepancies and recommend adjustments in client freight estimation algorithms.

Freight Rate Management: Examine client freight contracts and current client freight rates and identify discrepancies to be corrected in client system.

Daily Activity File: Match shipment delivery information with orders and delivery status and update in system.

What do the students' supervisors say about their work?

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Lara Levine, PMP, MBA, Project Manager, Global Supply Chain Optimization, American Hotel Register:

Vannessa's (CRSM Sophomore) help is in high demand! She made excellent use of her time. While she was waiting for instructions from a co-worker, she did some cleanup in our Event Tracker system. She also helped us "divert" customer orders from one distribution center without available product to another with available product. She did a nice job on working this report of about 5000 lines.

Corporations where CRSM students have preformed the above-listed responsibilities: American Hotel Register Co., EMCO Chemical, Woodland Foods, Fabrication Technologies, Good Foods Group, Stepan Chemical, Nutrien. References available upon request.