Ms. Noemi Cuesta
Director of Admissions
cell: 847-344-8798
Office: 224 219 9707
Ms. Viridiana Fajardo
Admissions and Administrative Coordinator
Cell: 847-344-1373
Office: 224 219 9706

CRSM does not require an entrance exam. A complete listing of the Admissions Requirements are specified on our website under “How to Apply” .  We are looking for students who are:

  • 14-years old by the first day of school.
  • Capable of college preparatory work.
  • Committed to working 5 full days each month and to our slightly longer school day and school year.
  • From a family which meets our limited-income requirement.
  • Willing to participate in a faith-based curriculum and respect the beliefs of other students.

CRSM is a needs-based scholarship program school with a required work-study program for all students. The net cost to attend CRSM varies according to each family’s income. Because our mission is to offer an affordable, college prep education to students who otherwise would be unable to afford this level of education, CRSM serves students whose families’ per capita annual income is 75 percent or less than the national median. When the household income exceeds this amount, a student does not meet the admission qualifications. We also give preference to students who will be the first generation in their family to earn a bachelor’s degree from a college in the United States.

While it costs $16,000 annually to educate each student, we provide several funding sources to help offset those costs and help parents pursue an affordable education for their children.

Through an established formula, CRSM determines a family’s ability to pay and works with the family to structure a plan to provide an affordable education for each student. During the application process, families must:

  • Submit financial documentation regarding their household income, expenses, and household size
  • Apply for the Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program

Based on that information, CRSM applies scholarship funds on an individual family basis to cover the difference between the full cost of education and the amount it determines each family can pay. Scholarship funds are derived from a variety of sources including: the Corporate Work Study Program, third-party scholarships, state tax credit scholarship programs, fundraising and foundation grants.

Every student and family is notified of their own individual post-scholarship financial responsibility to the school for the coming school year by March 1st.

CRSM abides by all applicable policies of the Archdiocese of Chicago and the IHSA. In doing so CRSM does not promise or offer athletic scholarships of any kind.  Violations of IHSA policies may result in loss of eligibility for the student, coach and/or school. In recognition of our shared ministry, CRSM also does not promise, predict or otherwise allude to specific dollar amounts regarding tuition assistance or financial aid before acceptance. CRSM promotes the best attributes of our own school while respecting the legacy and traditions of other Catholic high schools.