Main Number 847-623-5500                                      Fax 847-623-5604

Name Phone Position/subject Email
Michael Odiotti 310 Principal
Marlene Eby 312 Assistant Principal
Pierre Edmonds 847-244-6895 ext. 225 Dean of Students
Jim Dippold 315 Director of Campus Ministry
Daisy Morales Assistant Director of Campus Ministry
Nora Ruiz 301 Administrative Assistant
Melissa Chavez Director of Alumni Support/College Completion
Christina Dippold 313 Social Worker/Counselor
Beth Kainic College Counselor
Martha Juarez 322 School Counselor
Deisy DelRio School Counselor
Kate Kniest School Nurse


Darline Alonso Biology and Spanish
Christopher Call Science
John Dragicevich Theology
Patricia Ferrer Spanish
Kayleigh Forlow English
Jordan French Phys. Ed/Health & Athletic Director
Charles Fuller Social Studies
Kumkum Bonnerjee Science and Math
Matthew Gilbertson Theology
Kevin Glabowicz Social Studies
Stefanie Rae Goy Director of Academic Support
Kate Gray Humanities
Andrea Horcher Math
Robert Horcher Math
Scott Lane Math
Jacob Larson Theology
Veronica Lattes Spanish
Shoshana Levy Math
Caitlin Murphy English
Shelby Nensel Math
Elizabeth Partenach English
Stephanie Pham English
Cassie Peters Academic Support
Angel Pradas Spanish
Jon Taus Theology
Andrea Velazquez Science
Estela Vera-Holzmann Spanish