The St. Martin Advisory Council (the “Advisory Council”) is a group of professionals who are committed to raising awareness about Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep (“CRSM”) and our many programs through fundraising events, volunteer opportunities and social activities.

The Advisory Council was founded in 2011 with the mission of supporting the students of CRSM by advancing the vision of the Board of Directors to make college preparatory education a reality for youth from the Waukegan and North Chicago community.

For more information about The St. Martin Advisory Council and what is involved, click here.


Current Members as of 10/8/2019

Emily Burke, Discover Financial Services
Ridhima Chopra, Discover Financial Services
Brian Coughlin, Law Offices of George M. Sanders
Lally Delgado, Evanston Scholars
Ryan Dominguez, The Boston Consulting Group
Lizzie Gibbs, The ABIS Group
Tom Hermes, Buoy LLC
Scott Lakin, TruGreen
David Panter, Blue Chip Marketing
Estelle Pappas, Discover Financial Services
Melissa Prathoummachit, Discover Financial Services
Matthew Racine, RCM Risk Advisors
Adam Rosenbloom, Latham & Watkins LLP

Current Committee Assignments as of 10/8/2019

If you are interested in joining the St. Martin Advisory Council, please reach out to Ridhima Chopra.

For further information please contact Candice Tonon,  Assistant Director of Development at CRSM, at 224-219-9714.