Corporate Work Study Program

Every Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep student carries a full course load of rigorous college preparatory coursework while working five 8-hour days each month at one of our Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) business partners. Our partners are in industries including health care, consumer goods, financial services, engineering, architecture, law, education and non-profit organizations.

Our 10-month school year means our students gain valuable experience at their CWSP workplaces without missing any scheduled classes. Besides providing our students with an innovative way to fund the majority of their college prep education, their CWSP experience reinforces critical thinking and organizational skills that complements our work with them in the classroom.

The CWSP experience provides students a platform to apply what they are learning and make connections to the world of work. Students also develop professional relationships that encourage success in college and throughout their lives.

For more information on our Work Study Program and to become a CWSP business partner, please contact Kristen Watson

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“We are proud to be a part of the Corporate Work Study Program with Cristo Rey St. Martin.  The student workers are welcomed as an integral part of our team, given regular responsibilities just as our employees, and expected to be productive contributors in their departments.  Not only do the students live up to our expectations, but our employees also have the opportunity to mentor young people in our community – this is a successful program all around.”
Rick Hans
Divisional Vice President, Investor Relations & Finance
Walgreen Co.