Work Study Expanding at School and in the Business Community

The Corporate Work Study Department has been busy expanding relationships with existing business partners, ramping-up with new partners, prepping for Career Day, getting ready for business partner meetings, and making sure new programs are on target.

Training & Workshops

  • Resume Building
  •  Peer Mentoring Program  (Seniors with Freshmen)
  • E-mail Etiquette
  • LinkedIn Sessions – profiles for Juniors
  • Junior Resume Reviews
Sophomore Career Day Preparations
  • Helps you decide what to study in college
  • To see if you’ll actually like the day-to-day work of a particular career
  • To learn more about careers you may not have even heard of but could love
  • To learn how one career can be different depending on the company
  • Helps you develop and work toward your goals
Business Partner Meeting – February 26th

Welcome to our new business partners:

Thank you to:
Jennifer W. Olsen
Head of Retail Banking


Thank you to:
Patrick Salvi
Stacey Clark Hoover

Adding New Student Jobs

Thank you to:
Christina Aronis
Sanjana Udupa