Work Study: Career Assignments

Students were recently asked to create job descriptions of their CWSP jobs. After completing a PowerPoint training module and a reflection on a year with their company, they are now in the process of creating videos to say thank you to their work supervisors.



Career Pathways

Jhoseline wrote:
“Today I had a storm of ideas. Where I see myself in the future. My top choices were business, and dentistry.  I was going to go into depth with Accounting but I’m not sure if that’s really want I want so I just went and researched regular business administration. This is an interest of mine because I see myself in an office, having my own space working for a fun company and working with others on projects and planning events. I was able to get this experience last year at AbbVie and I absolutely loved it!!  I am so interested in this and I really hope once I step into college I don’t change my mind but if I do that’s okay!! 🙂 Loved today’s research.

Nick stated:
“The main goal for me is to become a federal judge because I want to be able to interpret the Constitution and legal text. This also comes with being a lawyer as well. I can become an appellate attorney or a civil rights attorney as well which can help on that journey. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time but couldn’t quite pinpoint what I wanted to do. I chose this career because I wanted to look into more of what I could do. Like I stated, I don’t really want to be a lawyer but I like reading legal text and interpreting it. I felt that this was a perfect mix of that. I am more interested now that I did more research. I feel like I know more about the field and what it has to offer. Now I can dive more deeply into the specifics of my studies.”

Career Research Reflections

Sophomore – Christien:
Today is the first day of eLearning work.  It is a little weird to be working from home like this, but I must admit it was fun.  Today, I learned a lot about myself and what I potentially would want to be.  My interests very much align with Healthcare because I tend to like to work with people and I love high pressure situations and problem solving.  While it is not my main interest, I decided to research the occupation of a Trauma Nurse because I wanted to learn more about it.  Based on what I found as it pertains to their rigorous and challenging responsibilities in taking care of critical care patients, I might consider the job.  I also did a little personal research on Healthcare positions in the military.  I am also really considering working for the military because I want to honor the legacy of my grandfather who served as a Prisoner of War in WWII, and I also just want to serve the country.  What better way to serve her than to do what I’ve always taken interest in: saving lives.  The assignment I had today was not only enjoyable, it also let me learn more about different job opportunities out there.  It was definitely very helpful, hopefully we get to do more of these!

Sophomore – Katalyna:
The career choices that I believe fit my interest and lifestyle is becoming an early education teacher or an event planner. These two careers fit my interest because I have always had a love for teaching and working with young children. I have worked with many different levels of classes, which is where I got my interest in teaching. Being an event planner has also been one of my interests because I enjoy planning events and I am very organized. The organization is very important when planning events and having preparation skills because without materials it is then not really an event. I decided to choose the career Kindergarten and Elementary School Teacher because I wanted to research if this was a career I wanted to pursue. I also wanted to research this because I wanted to learn more about the requirements, certification, and education you need for being a teacher. There are many different types of teachers, and doing this research, I was able to see the potential grade I would like to teach in. Through this research, I was able to learn more about the teaching lifestyle and the challenges that may come with teaching. I learned that with being a teacher, you have to have enthusiasm for your students to be engaged. It is also helpful to show your students examples of a activity so they have the opportunity of trying to do the activity or project themselves.
After researching the career I want to go into, I am more interested. I am more interested because I learned more about the teaching career and was able to see the different fields of teaching or careers related to teaching Kindergarten and Elementary. There are many careers where you help others, but the career of teaching has always been my interest of one day having students in my classroom and teaching them. I was able to read and learn about the work environment and what a teacher’s day looks like after work. I found it very helpful to learn the education needed to become a teacher.

Sophomore – Eliza:

Possible career choices I believe will fit my interests and lifestyle I would like to lead would be a Labor and Delivery nurse or OB/GYN Doctor. Another that I recently found while doing research for this assignment is a Neonatal Nurse. The first two I listed above are found from another career choice which is being a Pediatric Specialist.

For this assignment, I choose to research becoming a Labor and Delivery nurse more in-depth because I had already done research previously on the other careers either personally or for the career exploration we had. So I took this opportunity to discover what it is to be an L&D nurse and their responsibilities. I also choose this career to research because I found that my other career choices are separated into other things. What I mean by this is, for example, a Pediatrician, when I did research on it, it was categorized into different specialties which I didn’t know of. I soon found though which specific Pediatric Specialist I am most interested in. But for this assignment, I wanted to do something that was specific to my interest instead of going into a hole of different but similar careers like searching for a Pediatrician does.

After researching the career for this assignment, I am more interested in the career. But I am also a bit confused or conflicted because I found another career I feel I was looking for while researching for this assignment. But overall I feel I have become more interested because I was able to find out more about what an L&D nurse does. Although the previous sentence is very general what I mean is that I was able to pass the surface of what it means to be an L&D nurse. I got to answer questions I had been wanting the answers to and was able to get an idea of things I might have to plan for, which I always try to do.