Your Gift of Education can Make a Difference....

 As the holiday season approaches, we ask you to open your hearts again and give a gift that gives back by providing meaningful support to our students in their everyday lives. Your gift helps maximize the possibilities for our students and will be gratefully received. You can also spread the spirit and celebrate the best of the holiday season by donating in the name of a loved one. Use the enclosed holiday gift tags to inform your friends, family, and colleagues about the gifts you made in their honor
Thank you for cultivating GRATITUDE in the lives of our students every day, year-round!.

CRSM alumna Lesly Marin has wanted to become a lawyer since she was in sixth grade. That’s when an experience she had with her mother ignited the fire that inspired her career path.
While accompanying her mother to apply for U.S. citizenship, Lesly witnessed firsthand the struggle and angst non-English-speaking immigrants experience trying to navigate the process. “I felt a rush, a passion for fighting for their rights,” says Lesly, 22.
A 2021 National Louis University graduate with a degree in criminal justice and law enforcement, Lesly is the first person in her family to attend college. She was raised by her mother and grandmother who emigrated from Mexico. They made sure she had every educational opportunity and are grateful that CRSM put their dreams for Lesly into action thanks to the generous support of donors.
Lesly is similarly dedicated to other students and families in Waukegan — one reason she is determined to earn a law degree and practice immigration law. She’s studying for her LSAT and balancing a full-time job at Pasquesi Home and Gardens and caring for her seriously ill grandmother. In college, Lesly worked while earning her academic degree interning on the frontlines shadowing police officers.
“I was raised by a single mom who worked two jobs to give us everything she could to have a brighter future, but there was no way she could have afforded a Cristo Rey education without help,” says Lesly, 22. “My brother, Jose is now a Schuler scholar at CRSM. I want to be part of developing a new way to help immigrants get ahead.” 

$25 Skillsoft Online Learning Center for One Student
Our Corporate Work Study Program depends on students bringing value to our business partners. Applied Educational Systems provides tailored, on-line training and assessment essential for their success. With this gift, you will equip a student with the professional skills they need to be productive now and beyond college.

You can say “I care” to our students and families who are struggling from the financial, emotional, and physical fallout of the last 18 months with a donation to our emergency fund. Through this fund, you will be helping provide for many basic needs such as groceries, housing costs, gas cards, school supplies and tuition support.

$100 for Books for One Student
Your gift will be used to purchase textbooks for one student for the year. While typical high schools charge an annual fee for books, CRSM does not because of our commitment to ease the financial burden for low-income families.

$300 for a Chromebook
Each student receives a Chromebook when they begin their journey at CRSM. This was especially important during the pandemic with remote learning and continues to make e-learning and Internet access mission critical for our students.

$500 Counseling and Nursing Services for One Student
The prolonged period of stress and trauma from the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in long-term and pervasive mental and physical health effects on many. Our nurses and counselors are working closely with our students and families to help them manage the anxiety and stress they are now facing.

$1,000 Provides Tuition Assistance for One Student
Though our students earn tuition through work study, families are also required to pay a portion of tuition. Your donation would provide financial assistance for a student and their family struggling with the financial hardship caused by the pandemic.

$5,000 Share Your Blessings
Make a difference in the lives of deserving young men and women, while celebrating an important day in your life or that of a loved one. As an Adopt A Day Sponsor your gift will provide a quality education to students who otherwise could not afford it. You will be giving our students, their families and this community, hope for a better tomorrow.