This holiday season give gifts that promise to brighten the hearts—and futures, of our students.

Again this year, Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep is offering you, your families and friends a way to make a significant impact with your gift giving.

Our “Gifts that Give Back,” campaign helps you give gifts that mean something, ones offering hope, strength and support to our students, while celebrating someone in your life.

To make it hassle free we will send you holiday gift tags you can use to acknowledge the gift to your honoree(s). So spread the yuletide spirit and make a donation in honor of a friend, colleague or loved one while helping our students succeed in school and in life.

Gifts of Joy
Many of our students come to us nearly two years behind grade level. A $25 eBook improves reading and academic performance overall. Grade-level digital texts supplement students’ classroom studies with critical support in fluency, comprehension and writing.
Give Now:  $25 for Tutoring

Gifts from the Heart
Junior and Senior two-day retreats are important elements of Cristo Rey’s spirituality. Your gift of $50 offers upperclassmen the opportunity to get away from the pressures of everyday life for prayer, reflection and building community. Retreats encourage thoughtful decision-making about their vocations in life and the steps needed to achieve their goals.
Give Now: $50 Sends a Student on Retreat

Gifts of Belonging
Recent studies underscore connections between physical fitness and mental acuity. Participating in school sports promotes increased fitness, health and teamwork. Even without our own gym or fitness facilities, CRSM still supports soccer, volleyball and basketball teams throughout the year at no cost to our students. Even uniforms can be too costly for many families. Your gift gives our athletes the confidence and pride to play hard and represent CRSM in team sports.
Give Now: $75 Outfits a CRSM Athlete

Gifts of Love

A simple desk can make all the difference. Your gift will give students the most basic tool—a place to sit, read, write and learn, helping them achieve a better education and brighter future.
Give Now: $100 for a Desk

Gifts of Hope
At CRSM we do not have a physical library for our students. Google Chromebooks provide a virtual library for our students with access to Cloud-based resources for classroom learning, writing and academic research.
Give Now: $300 for a Chromebook

Gifts for a Bright Future
Our Corporate Work Study Program depends on students bringing value to our business partners. Skillsoft provides tailored, on-line training essential for their success. With this gift you will equip 20 students with the professional skills they need to be productive now and beyond college.
Give Now: $500 for Job Training

Gifts of Exploration
Dreaming of becoming scientists, CRSM students are ecstatic about the opportunity to explore chemistry, physics and the environment with fully equipped science labs in our new building. $1,000 will help provide those lab supplies for the first year.
Give Now: $1,000 for Exploration