The Snowy and Cold Junior Class Retreat

Early in February the junior class (one-hundred in all) headed out for Camp Duncan in Ingleside, Illinois to gather for the 2019 Junior Class Retreat.

You may remember the weather on February 1st – nine inches of snow and sub-zero temperatures! Though the weather did shorten the retreat, there was no lack of enthusiasm among the participants about the value of having stepped away from the demands of their everyday lives to slow down and reflect.

Jim Dippold (Director of Campus Ministry) facilitated the retreat with a theme on Vocation.  Students were posed with the question: How is God calling you to use your gifts, talents and desires to lead you to a life of happiness and, at the same time, a life that helps to meet the most significant social needs in our community and in our world?

Students were given the time and structure to discuss values and principle, but more importantly, the time was taken to identify their own unique set of gifts and abilities – and think about how those individual talents could impact the direction their lives. Casa Romero Milwaukee, an Ignatian-based retreat program, provided activities to help students think about connecting vocation, faith and justice..

Dev T. ‘20 offered her slant, “For me it was more about understanding of self. It confirmed for me that I’m looking for friends to act like family – that I expect a lot of myself and from my friends.”

This was a place where it was easy to step outside normal social circles, discuss social and familial issues, reflect on hardships and successes, and imagine how these events might positively influence the trajectory of a career and a life.

This was also a place where there was plenty of community building; there were board games, art projects, card games and last but not least, winter activities.