The Events of POSADA 2019

Again this year CRSM celebrated Posada in two ways.

At 5:45 am on Friday December 13, Campus Ministry took students to an immigration Posada Prayer Walk in downtown Chicago.  The posada was sponsored by the Archdiocese of Chicago, Office of Human Dignity and Solidarity-Immigration Ministry, which connects the search of Mary & Joseph for shelter before Jesus was born with the current search of immigrants for legal shelter in the U.S.

Walk in solidarity with our immigrant brothers and sisters who are seeking Posada – legal, safe, welcoming shelter. Along the way we remember the holy journey that Mary and Joseph made before the birth of Jesus, looking for a safe place to stay and pray for immigration reform.

That same evening, CRSM faculty member and National Hispanic Honor Society Advisor, Patricia Ferrer organized the largest ever CRSM Posada celebration. Beginning with prayers, students representing the Holy Family led a candlelight procession visiting a series of doorways, singing songs and asking for lodging. Each time they were refused until the “travelers” were finally permitted to enter the last door. Songs continued as the largest ever turnout of students, children, parents and grandparents passed through the doorway to sit down for a dinner together.

The last traditional event of the evening? The children and a star-shaped piñata.