AbbVie Includes CRSM in Global Leadership Meeting

On Monday, November 18th, AbbVie invited 14 CRSM students that currently work in their Business Technical Solutions Group to be a part of the BTS Leadership Forum. Students got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to speak with Technical Solutions managers from all over the world. Three of our students spoke to the group about their responsibilities at AbbVie and their plans for … Read More


The Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program allows individuals and corporations to donate to a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO) – whose primary aim is to give scholarships to qualifying CRSM students. For their generous donation, donors receive a 75% credit on their Illinois taxes. Donors receive a direct credit, not a deduction. After just one year, 134 students have been able … Read More

Junior Class with Discover Financial: a service opportunity and professional workshop

Many people know that Discover Financial Services is a leading partner for Cristo Rey St. Martin’s (CRSM) Corporate Work Study Program. What many don’t know is the corporation administers a highly developed and far-reaching volunteer program called Discover Cares, which empowers their employees to give back to the community. On October 25th the entire CRSM junior class (94 students) traveled … Read More

31 Cristo Rey Seniors Attend the Onsite College and Leadership Forum

Thirty-one Cristo Rey seniors traveled to Navy Pier on October 22nd to attend the 13th Onsite College and Leadership Forum. The organization is reporting that more than 5000 interviews took place resulting in 1,073 admittances and approximately $40,700,000 in awarded merit aid. The Cristo Rey contingent was composed of CRSM’s own Knight Scholars – in tandem with Cristo Rey student … Read More

October President’s Pen: Bursting bubbles and changing the world

Increasingly, we are all living in our own bubbles. You would think that, with the advent of the internet, our individual worlds would expand and interconnect.  On one level, I guess they have… how many Facebook friends or LinkedIn contacts do you have?  Yet, how many do you really know beyond a passing acquaintance?  With more choices at our fingertips, … Read More

“To embrace accountability and responsibility”: An Interview with Liz Martinez

I met with Liz Martinez (CRSM ’12, Lake Forest College ’16) during her first visit to the new campus on Belvidere Road. Our conversation covered a lot of territory; from her extracurriculars at CRSM, through a family health crisis, to her successes at First Midwest Bank. The following conversation has been edited and condensed.   First of all, thanks for … Read More