Cristo Rey’s Beth Kainic Wins Award

CTCL (Colleges That Change Lives), a non-profit that supports quality post-secondary education, has named Cristo Rey St. Martin’s Beth Kainic as a recipient of The 2019 Counselors That Change Lives Award. The CTCL award recognizes the extraordinary work Ms. Beth Kainic does in her role as a college counselor who is “changing the lives of students each and every day … Read More

April Academic News: Schuler Program Update

Below is a recent update from Beth Pierson, School Director of Cristo Rey St. Martin’s Schuler Program. The Schuler Scholar Program (SSP) prepares students who are bright and motivated, but underserved, to succeed at the most competitive colleges and universities. Schuler Scholars are typically first-generation college-bound, come from under-resourced families and communities, and will need financial assistance in order to … Read More

January Academic News: Mission

At Cristo Rey St. Martin, our mission is to get students to and through college. “To college,” is our hope that each CRSM student will graduate high school and gain college acceptance,” and“through college,” and successfully persist through higher education. Most of us accept persistence (academic success and graduation) as the norm, but many young people from urban communities like Waukegan and North … Read More

President’s Pen: January 2014

There are heroes among us.  Humble, hardworking, quiet heroes of faith who inspire and support our students in ways we will never know. Often in ways they themselves will never know. These heroes are the parents and guardians of our students and their heroism is derived from an abiding hope.  All of us who are parents (or take on the … Read More

November Academic News: CRSM grads are prepared for work

On Nov 15, Peter Cappelli of the The Wall Street Journal warned students against focusing too narrowly during their collegiate careers and advocated for a broad, liberal arts education. His warnings arise from the changing economy and corporate trends, as well as evidence from The Chronicle of Higher Education Survey of Employers. This study found that work experience tops the attributes companies look for when evaluating … Read More

November Development News: Thank you to all those who support CRSM!

Thanks to all of the donors, Corporate Work Study Program business partners, volunteers, students, teachers, and parents who helped to make our 2012-2013 academic year such a great success! The documents below offer a comprehensive look at our recent accomplishments and all of those who make it possible. FY 2013 Annual Report FY13 Volunteers FY 2013 In-Kind Donors TwitterFacebookemailLinkedinTumblrPinterest

October Academic News: Students enroll in online JVLA courses

Did you know that Cristo Rey St. Martin students take C++, Arabic, and Italian? While we don’t offer these classes on campus, our students “attend” via an online learning program offered by the Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy (JVLA). The JVLA was established six years ago to harness the collaborative capacity of the Jesuit secondary school network and better utilize technological … Read More