Successful Milestones: Points of Pride for CRSM

As construction crews work daily to transform a vacant Kmart on Belvidere Road into a highly-anticipated, state-of-the art educational hub, Preston Kendall, president, recently shared success milestones that show the school is well on its way to becoming a catalyst of change not only for students and their families, but also for Waukegan.

At the Corporate Work Study Program event at Grainger, Kendall celebrated several points of pride, along with realities about the neighborhood and how CRSM is dedicated to helping young people and their families break the cycle of oppression.

Across the Cristo Rey Network: A Snapshot
• 32 Cristo Rey schools in 20 years
• 10,000 students nation-wide
• 11,500 alumni
• 97 percent students of color
• $35,287 average family income
• 2,325 Corporate Partners

At Work and in the Classroom: Cristo Rey St. Martin

• 275 students enrolled in AP classes, up from 235 in the 2014-15 school year and 54 in 2009-10
• 101 paid summer workers in 2016, up from 9 in 2012
• 93 percent job retention in 2016, compared to 78 percent in 2012
• 94 percent of students in 2016 accepted to a four-year college, up from 41 percent in 2007-8
• 70 percent enrolled in a bachelor’s program in 2016, compared to 23 percent in 2007-8

Against All Odds: Waukegan/North Chicago Neighborhood

• 48 percent of the families are at or below the poverty line