Students showcase their artistic talents

Susie, a 17-year-old junior at Cristo Rey, smiled at the foam board featuring a framed charcoal sketch she created last summer while attending a month-long arts program for gifted high school and college students at Skidmore College in upstate New York.

The sketch, along with two others and three of her poems were exhibited Feb. 15 and 16, 2018 at the annual Student Art Exhibit. The event coincided with Parent’s Night and transformed the new library area into a bustling gallery of the student’s paintings, photographs, drawings, clay and ceramic work, and poetry.

“It’s really exciting to see all the talent of other students,” said Susie, who is a Schuler Scholar, a National Honor Society member, a member of the Boys & Girls Club of Lake County and maintains a 4.1 GPA. Determined to graduate from Cristo Rey, she commutes more than an hour each way via bus and train from Racine after her family moved there last year.

Though there are no formal art or thespian programs, CRSM teachers and students have worked overtime to launch creative experiences. Teachers Andrea Velazquez, Jacob Larson, Elizabeth Partenach and Caitlin Murphy have been instrumental in those efforts.

For Susie, who aspires to combine her creativity with a career in medicine, the art exhibit was a great experience to test her talents. It’s a passion she says she’s carried since she was a child and could do finger painting.

“I really want to have a career in medicine, but to combine it with something that heals people with art, which is my passion,” says Susie. Below is one of her poems featured at the Student Art Exhibit:

Title: The Sun, The Moon and The Stars

You fixed me
Just Enough until I wasn’t completely broken
So then you could break me

And now I’m here picking up the pieces
I was sadly content with being imperfectly broken

Hardly mosaic
And messily shattered

Heart like Glass
Pieces piercing my fingertips
I carried the moon on my back
For you
Who couldn’t even tell your heart my name