Students Get a Boost on the Career Track, Building Social Capital

Applying for admission to colleges can have CRSM seniors jumping through hoops. Transcripts? Check. College admission essays? Check. Standardized test scores? Check. Check. Check.

Determined that CRSM students will be given every opportunity to make their mark in the future, CRSM also is helping seniors to take control of their online personas – creating impressive profiles on LinkedIn, the professional network. Last week the Corporate Work Study Program brought in an expert from LinkedIn, a local social media marketing firm owner and a career strategist to deliver hands-on coaching on how to shape the students’ online images.

With the goal of helping the students build their social capital, the keynote speakers for the professional development workshop included: Maria Duzon, LinkedIn Relationship Manager, Patti Bries, a career strategist with Right Management Solutions, and Jim Connell, President of Craftsman Media and Adjunct Faculty at the College of Lake County. Principal Mike Odiotti and CWSP director Michelle Mehlis also presented a workshop on building social capital and leveraging the professional networks and relationships they are uniquely making through their work-study jobs. They reiterated that these connections to each other and to their co-workers are valuable and students should work to continue to keep connected throughout college.

CRSM has started an Alumni Group on LinkedIn, largely in response to our Corporate Work Study Partners who would like to be able to easily market their college internships and future job postings to CRSM Alumni. For more information on this private LinkedIn group, contact CWSP Director Michelle Mehlis at