Social Justice & the CRSM Community: Working for Others

CRSM, along with Most Blessed Trinity Academy, continues to distribute Breakfasts and Lunches on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Big Shoulders’ cooperative meal program with La Fondita (the Jimenez family), Taqueria Campeña (the Cambray family), Antojitos Guerrero (the Otero & Retana families) and Potestas (the Gonzalez/Alonso family) was a major success, putting hundreds of amazing meals on family tables.

In a new initiative, Big Shoulders is providing meals from Cadence Kitchen in Downers Grove to go along with the CRSM lunches. This new effort will add 200 meals served during the past week. Hundreds of meals are being served to help families cope with the pandemic.

CRSM Alumni leave and take their social justice concerns with them:

Richy Pena CRSM ’13 Georgetown ’17 has organized a gofundme that has already raised more than $1500. The aim is to utilize the funds to assist small businesses in Waukegan to rebuild and clean up if they were victims of looting.

Multiple alumni and teachers have donated to causes related to current events (e.g. Susi Saleem CRSM  ’19 has personally donated to Black Lives Matter organizations and is utilizing social media to educate others on issues of police brutality.)

Jeanine Hampton CRSM ’11 MacMurray College ’15 is organizing a silent protest in Waukegan for Saturday.

Multiple alumni joining protests here and in Chicago (e.g. Uli Acosta ’13 LUC ’17)

Dean Pierre Edmonds is working with North Chicago political officials to update police training programs and manuals and exploring ways to recruit more law enforcement from the communities in which they serve.