Sharing a Mission with The Robert R. McCormick Foundation

Robert R. McCormick was among Chicago’s first major philanthropists – shaping the city he loved with the development of the Chicago Tribune, WGN Radio and WGN Television.  Upon his death in 1955, his will established what would become one of the nation’s leading charitable foundations.

For over ten years, the Robert R. McCormick Foundation has recognized the impact that the Cristo Rey St. Martin educational model is having on its students and the surrounding communities. Since 2009, the Foundation has contributed over 1.3 million dollars in support of CRSM’s mission to deliver a career focused, college prep education to students with limited economic resources – getting them to and through college.

The McCormick Foundation has invested more than $1.5 billion in the areas of journalism, education, social services, civic engagement and veterans’ programs. Cristo Rey and The McCormick Foundation share an important mission – to provide individuals with the opportunities and skills to become productive, contributing members of society. With more than 60 years of philanthropic giving, it is hard to imagine Chicagoland (and Cristo Rey) without the work the Robert R. McCormick Foundation does in education every year.

Robert R. McCormick Foundation Mission

The Robert R. McCormick Foundation works with communities in Chicagoland and across Illinois to develop educated, informed, and engaged citizens. Our aim is to assist communities, to strengthen democracy, and help ensure that all families and children have the opportunities they need to flourish.