Senior PD – Personal Branding

On Friday, September 27th, the Corporate Work Study Department held a professional development seminar for our seniors. Six speakers offered presentations on topics that included; networking, personal branding, LinkedIn, and social capital.

An AbbVie Success Story
Kevin Castro
AbbVie Archive Specialist

“My first internship at Abbott was life-changing. The experience taught me how to engage with individuals at a professional level, allowed me to establish a professional network, and made a positive impact within the departments I assisted.”





The Value of Social Capital
Dr. Michael Odiotti
Principal, Cristo Rey St. Martin

What is Social Capital?

“Social capital is about the value of social networks, bonding similar people and bridging between diverse people, with norms of reciprocity (Dekker and Uslaner 2001; Uslaner 2001).

Sander (2002, p. 213) stated that ‘the folk wisdom that more people get their jobs from whom they know, rather than what they know, turns out to be true.’

Adler and Kwon (2002) identified that the core intuition guiding social capital research is that the goodwill that others have toward us is a valuable resource. As such they define social capital as ‘the goodwill available to individuals or groups.”

What is a Targeted Networking Plan?  Implementing Your Targeted Networking Plan
Patti Bries
Career Strategist & Facilitator









Elevator Pitch
Jan Victor
Career and Leadership Development Professional

Know Yourself: Your Natural Talents
What 5 words/phrases best describe you?

Intrinsic Values:  What motivates you in your every day life?
Giving to community

Work Environment Values:  Which is most important to you?
Comfortable income
Great boss and people to work with

Work Content:  What kind of activities are important to you?
Problem Solving
Public Contact
Detailed Work
Creative Work

Work Relationships Values:  Which is most important to you?
Open communication
Strong Leadership

On the following lines, write a brief description of yourself based on your answers that you could use as your introductory “elevator speech.”


Talent Acquisition: How LinkedIn is Used in Today’s Hiring Process
Lorena Hernandez
Early Career Program, Operations at AbbVie










Networking Activity
Brenda Gutierrez
CWSP Relationship Manager, Cristo Rey St. Martin

It’s A Small World!

The Six Degrees of Separation
Activity – Degrees of Separation 
WHO are your first, second and third degree contacts?


First Degree
These are the people closest to you – those people in your life who you love and can depend on. You see these people often and have relationships with them.

Second Degree           
These are people you “kinda-sorta” know – but you might only feel comfortable interacting with them occasionally. They are aware of you and you are aware of them, but you don’t have a close relationship.

Third Degree
These are people you WANT to know or meet. These people could potentially help you with your career dreams. This could be anyone. Don’t underestimate yourself! Examples; local politician, chef at local restaurant

Post Work
Connecting with coordinator & updating profile
Survey completion due Monday