Red Cloud Trips Part 2: Heading to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Part 2 of the Story: Over spring break, CRSM students traveled to South Dakota to visit Red Cloud High School on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

This exchange program, which is in its third year, not only allows Cristo Rey students to become ambassadors of their cultures and communities here in Waukegan, but offers an opportunity to become teacher and observer – fostering new friendships and cultural understanding between students from far-flung communities. CRSM students traveled to South Dakota to learn about the Lakota culture and contemporary life on the reservation.

This video includes photos of the journey along with reflections from the CRSM students on the value of this exchange.

“Faith and Justice issues, struggles and successes are cast in high relief above the background of a culture that is different from our own. This type of shared experience can also serve as an effective preparation for the culture shock that many college freshmen face.”

– Jim Dippold, CRSM Director of Campus Ministry