Points of Pride: Students achieving 4.0 GPA or higher reaches all-time high

Cristo Rey St. Martin has achieved many “all-time best results,” in many academic categories, during recent years. Now, as the third quarter results are reported, consider these significant accomplishments:

• 66 students eared a 4.0 GPA or higher in the third quarter
• 80 percent of students received a 3.0 at third quarter (a key marker of college readiness based on alumni data), compared to 36 percent in 2012-13
• 99 percent of students got a 2.0 or higher compared to 94.4 percent in 2016-17 third quarter and 83 percent in 2011-2012
• The failure rate in the third quarter was only 1.30 percent, compared to 5.1 percent in 2011-12

Other significant achievements for the last school year include:

• Higher rates of graduation, college for first generation students already underway
• Drop-out rates extremely low – for the Class of 2017, there was 86% retention of students from freshmen through senior year
• 98% of the Class of 2017 was accepted to a four-year college
• Class of 2017 was awarded over $25.7M in college scholarships
• Named one of “America’s Most Challenging High Schools” by The Washington Post for six consecutive years
• 58% percent the Class of 2013 has already earned a bachelor’s degree – CRSM’s goal is to have 70% of grads complete college degrees by 2020, and they are well on their way to reaching that goal