Operation School Supplies

For many Cristo Rey families, getting their kids ready for back to school is another financial struggle when they’re trying hard to make ends meet. We are very thankful to two of our Corporate Work Study partners for their contributions this year at the start of school.  La Voz, the Hispanic ERG at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and employees at Hollister Inc. both hosted back to school supply drives to help set our students up for success.

The much-needed school items included: healthy, individually wrapped snacks, backpacks, pens/pencils, folders and spiral notebooks.

“We are so grateful for the generous donations of school supplies,” said Mehlis. “Teachers and counselors picked some items for classrooms and then we opened it to the entire student body.”

At Hollister, organizers created a thermometer as a treat incentive and morale booster for the staff, who were rewarded with tasty gourmet treats along the way up to their goal of 1,000 writing instruments. They far exceeded that goal with a final count of 2,984 writing instruments.

“We were happy with the outcome and hope the students can use the supplies provided,” said Linda Evans, Senior Administrative Assistant at Hollister and organizer of the drive.