Off to the North Woods: Adventure, stewardship in action

By Thailly, a rising sophomore who spent several weeks this summer in the Center for Conservation Leadership program. On their north woods adventure, students left their cell phones behind and learned about team work and individual leadership in the care and conservation of the environment.

I thought that the CCL program was going to just be a walk-and-talk kind of learning. But instead, I learned about the stamina you need to get to the places you want to be.

We climbed to the top of the mountain, canoed, waded through the bog and hiked.

My coordinator told me to practice communication skills in the camp, and when I went with that goal in mind, I’d thought I’d be making one friend. But by the end of the three weeks, I was friends with everyone enough to miss them. I knew all their names.

It was not only informational about ways I can help Mother Nature but also fun. I learned a lot about history, mainly in Wisconsin.

Though the trip has ended, our journey with them hasn’t. Next, we are all invited to change something in the environment that would care and preserve it.