Notes from the Counseling Department

I am so used to seeing students at school that now, even the smallest interaction with them makes me so happy. Both the students and I appreciate the human connection that we are able to have, even though it might be virtual. It has been wonderful getting to meet students’ families, siblings, and even pets when conducting Zoom meetings. It gives me glimpses of students’ lives at home.
For instance, I was on a Zoom meeting with a student who is responsible for taking care of her younger sibling. During the meeting she had the baby cradled in her arms, bottle-feeding the little one as we worked on her award letters. I believe that this is often the reality of a lot of our students. They have so many responsibilities at home; like helping younger siblings with their homework and working. Some are the sole income earners.
With the news that the rest of the school year will be done in an e-learning format, seniors are saddened that their last year of high school is not going to be what they expected. At this time, all I can do is continue to encourage them and lift their spirits.

Lori Felix
CRSM Counselor