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Campus Ministry is Standing Next to Students and Their Families

The Virtual Sophomore Retreat
Broadview prayer vigils for immigrants in detention
A Virtual Easter Season Taize Prayer
Manning the Lunch Meal Distribution Program
Organizing the Big Shoulders’ Local Restaurant Funding Program
Pitching in to distribute Home Run Inn frozen pizzas (Donated by the Big Shoulders Fund)

The Virtual Sophomore Retreat

Students were asked to choose one of these activities:

1. Guided Meditation – Find a quiet place (your room, backyard, or any other room in your house). Listen to the guided meditation and write a brief reflection on your experience. Use the reflection prompt to guide your writing.

2.  Go on a Nature Walk – Find a quiet, natural area and go on a walk. One of the beneficial aspects of the nature walk is that it engages your attention in a peaceful way. Walk slowly and with relaxed alertness. Breathe slowly and comfortable, smelling the fresh air. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the natural world and take it all in without overthinking or over processing. Enjoy the greenness of the trees, the wind, the singing birds. Allow yourself to appreciate the gentleness of God’s creation.

3.  Listen to either of these reflections from Prays As You Go.
Taking Care of Ourselves
The Love that Jesus Taught

4.  Create an Origami Peace Crane.

5.  With a group of your friends in the Sophomore class, make a Tik Tok video that demonstrates community & togetherness.

Participants were asked to write reflections about their chosen activity: In what ways were you able to connect with God through the activity? How can you offer the gift of life to others while still staying safe? What alternatives to building a team of disciples of Jesus can you continue to explore?

Two samples of student reflections:

“This morning the activity I chose was Guided Meditation, I began by listening to “Being Still in The Presence of God”. I was so glad I picked this activity, as I closed my eyes and relaxed and listened to the soothing words, it was as if I could feel God next to me, joining me and taking all of my worries. As I listened, I began to think of everything God has done for me and my family, he is so loving and he fills me and my family with hope everyday. We are all God’s disciples, as I listened to this meditation it showed me to not just keep my faith a secret, I should teach others about it. I want to lead people into God’s presence, this meditation made me feel so full of hope and faith.”

“While doing the meditation, it was said that every breath was a sign of the presence of God’. This allowed me to connect to God on a deeper level because the goal of the meditation was for us to feel God’s presence. I think the best way of offering the gift of life to others while staying safe is spreading positivity. During this time of crisis, it can be very difficult for families and individuals, but a simple sign of positivity – showing you care, can affect a lot. There is no need for a large gesture, show you care by simply giving them a call to check up on them or to spread the message everywhere by sharing a positive sign of hope in your social media. The meditation was a great way to reflect on my life and take a break from the effects of this pandemic. Having a quiet and private space for listening to the meditation allowed many thoughts to flow into my mind and was a great source of relief and spread some positivity. An alternative to building a team of disciples of Jesus during this quarantine is to build a better relationship with family since we’re spending so much time with them. The meditation allowed me to realize that this a good time to reflect on relationships with the family. Being home has allowed me to be closer to my siblings and find ways to bond. Sometimes it can be frustrating being stuck with your family so long but trying to spread positivity and build a bond with them can help. Overall the meditation was good.”


To close the retreat, students were invited to share a positive message, picture, or symbol to people in their community.
You can see their signs here:

click here to see student signs of hope









A Virtual Easter Taize Prayer

On April 15th at 7:30 pm, virtual Taize Prayers were streamed live on Facebook. Over 2500 people were reached.

Posted by Cristo Rey St. Martin on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Broadview Prayer Vigil for Immigrants in Detention

On April 3rd and April 10th, CRSM students joined public ZOOMs and Facebook streams held by Interfaith Community for Detained Immigrants (ICDI)  for immigrants in detention and those being deported.
Since January 2007 groups have gathered every Friday at the Broadview Processing Center to hold in prayer the people and families that are being torn apart by deportation and to provide public witness to the broken and inhumane immigration system.

Manning the Lunch Meal Distribution Program

Campus Ministry is organizing the distribution of meals to Cristo Rey families at no cost. Lunches are available 11am -1pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday.




The Big Shoulders Fund & Cristo Rey St. Martin

CRSM has been helping organize Big Shoulders’ local restaurant funding effort which is keeping local businesses open – enabling them to serve 600 meals a week to families for pick up free of charge. CRSM also pitched in to distribute 240 Home Run Inn frozen pizzas.  Thanks to our friends at BigShouldersFund for making all this possible!








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