May CWSP News: Northern Trust Invests in CRSM Student Workers

At Northern Trust, each student working on the Corporate Work Study Program team receives close mentoring and special direction so that each of the 4 students grow professionally. Now the CWSP teamn is working on a special end of the year project that will help them learn from current partners at Northern Trust and apply it to their own work there. Each student will gather and research additional information on the company and interview their assigned partner to learn about current role at the bank and their career path.
On the last scheduled day of work, June 5, the students will give PowerPoint presentation of their materials to 20-30 partners.  This project will continue to develop and enhance the students’ research skills along with strengthening their presentations skills.  Vice President and Manager of the Client Support Services Team Michele Nettesheim said, “Our goal is for all students to have fun and be creative with this project. We are looking forward to seeing the final presentations!” Nettesheim has also said of Northern Trust: “We do not know what we would do without CRSM student workers. The CRSM team addresses duties that free up our staff to work on higher priority projects plus reduces the workload for the full time staffers.”

Northern Trust is a leading provider of asset management, fiduciary, banking, asset servicing and fund administration solutions for individuals, families, corporations and institutions worldwide. It headquartered in Chicago, IL and is among the largest bank companies in Illinois with over $94 million in assets and 84 locations throughout the US.

The Northern Trust Company has been a proud sponsor of Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep Corporate Work Study Program since 2011. In addition to hosting a CWSP team, Northern Trust hires students for summer work and work over school breaks (where students receive pay). Northern Trust also has teams from the two other Chicago Cristo Rey schools.

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