Full House: Record-Setting Open House

On Nov.12, CRSM held the most successful Open House in the school’s 11-year history, when 375 visitors stopped by – not only prospective students but also their parents, brothers, sisters, cousins and neighbors, representing an estimated 150 families. The result: 106 applications filed already for 110 openings for the 2016 freshman class.

“The number of applications submitted by this time of year is significant,” said Noemi Cuesta, Director of Admissions, “because it points to a heightened awareness from the Waukegan community of CRSM as a strategic opportunity for area youth.”

“Some families weren’t only bringing their sons and daughters, but other prospective students their neighborhoods,” said Noemi Cuesta, Director of Admissions.

What was also impressive was the growing support from CRSM teachers, staff and volunteers, she added.

Almost 20 teachers and staff volunteered, up from 11 the previous year and 34 student ambassadors assisted families and teachers. Cristo Rey parents also showed up to lend their support for the evening, said Cuesta.