Experiencing College for the First Time

On the 17th of July, 106 CRSM freshmen traveled to St. Mary’s University of Winona, to take part in one of the most innovative freshman programs in the country – a “live-in” college campus experience. Now in its seventh year, the program was described by school President Preston Kendall as “a way to give incoming freshmen a positive rite of passage from grade school and childhood to high school and adulthood.”

Twenty-three staff and alumni accompanied the students to the St. Mary’s, sharing in a wide range of activities. Cheryl Hild (CRSM Director of Finance), who organizes the program, spoke about the relaxed and open atmosphere, “There is no better way to get to know the freshmen than to spend time with them at this program. Whether it’s a team building game, a wildlife hike, a campus tour, an ice cream social or a trip to the Rec Center for sports activities, both the staff and the students gain insight – and respect for one another.”

The Corporate Work Study Department held seminars on Speaking Like a Pro, Communications and 1st Impressions to prep students for their final week of training which begins August 12th.

On the lighter side, motivational speaker Teddy Widdel, spoke about her concept “Laughter Yoga” – why laughter is so important in our lives and how it can improve our work, our health and our personal lives.

The students attended Mass before starting the five hour trip home. President Kendall summed up the trip this way, “This was a  collective success. I was struck watching our alumni helping freshman as members of student/alumni panels – just as they are returning with college degrees to improve the areas surrounding our school. It’s the continuum we dream about at CRSM, happening in real time.”