Elevate Festival Fundraiser: Lots of fun, friends and family!

Our annual Elevate Festival, Sept.17, 2021, was a big success as more than 150 friends and families gathered in the school parking lot to picnic, enjoy the live country-rock music from the Wichita Jacks —and most significantly, to help fund and support the mission of Cristo Rey St. Martin. Thanks to the generosity of our community, we raised $200,000 which will fund education and programs for deserving young men and women in Waukegan.

“I believe that through hard work, perseverance, and grit, a person can find prosperity,” President Preston Kendall said, thanking guests gathered that evening. “But I also know that just having those qualities are not enough. Access to a quality education and exposure to professionals with careers are also essential for success. Without those, you could work yourself to death and never really improve your situation.

“Our mission is to help our students get to-and-though college because getting a college degree is statistically the best pathway to find upward economic mobility. It is also about giving our students the opportunity to meet professionals and explore careers through our Corporate Work Study Program. You can’t be what you can’t see. Living in a low-income community can be isolating. Young people need to be inspired. How many teenagers living in Waukegan know what a Pharma Co-Geneticist is? At Cristo Rey, we have classrooms full of students who not only know what that scientist’s job is, they work alongside her and her colleagues.”

Throughout the evening, guests toured the school and got a first-hand glimpse at the gym, classrooms and fitness room completed in our Phase II construction.

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