CRSM Student Wins Evans Scholarship

I met with Dominique Mendoza (CRSM ’19) after she was notified that she had won an Evans Scholarship. The following conversation has been edited and condensed.

Congratulations on your award, what an accomplishment!

Thanks! I’m really getting excited.

So how does a young person who’s had an interest in math and science since grammar school get interested in caddying?

It’s true, the sciences -Biology and Anatomy have always fascinated me, but when Ms. Chavez (CRSM Director of Alumni Support ) suggested that I apply for the Evans Scholarship through the WGA Caddy Academy Program, I was interested. I’ve been caddying at Knollwood Country Club since I was fifteen. I’m a Medal Caddy now, I will be working this summer until I leave for school.

You always did well in school, is that why you came to CRSM?

Good grades were always expected in my home. My parents watched our grades carefully. If there was a grade problem they wanted to know why and it was attended to quickly. I soon adopted that work ethic. But my household didn’t know about Cristo Rey, until several CRSM student ambassadors came to Abbott Middle School. We investigated and I knew that their work study opportunity in a professional environment was a good fit for me.

Tell me a bit about your work study experience.

It was really helpful. I have worked for Gewalt Hamilton Associates in the Finance Department and am currently working at Advocate Condell Medical Center in Patient Transport. Both of my jobs have been very important for me. A career in medicine has become a real possibility. Recently, I have become fascinated with the fields of psychiatry and psychology.

Winning an Evans Scholarship is a long road and very competitive.

It really is. There were eight hundred and twenty applicants, about two hundred and thirty were chosen. I had to be a high performing caddy, I needed consistently high grades, letters from a golf Professional, the caddy master, and letters of recommendation from golfers. There really can’t be any significant lapses in grades.

And the scholarship you chose was…

My options were University of Illinois, Marquette, Miami of Ohio and Ohio State. I chose The Ohio State University.

A great story. Was there a person or moment that comes to mind that helped things fall together for you?

I had help from so many people; my parents, Ms. Chavez, Mrs. Dippold (CRSM Counselor) – they were all so helpful. CRSM has been a great influence in my life!