CRSM English 3 Class Creates Writing Exchange for 2nd Graders

CRSM is bringing writers of various ages together in a cross-school project with Park School in Round Lake.  

 Elizabeth Partenach’s English 3 class is partnering with Ms. Wachowiak’s 2nd graders at Park School in Round Lake to create writing mentorships and exchange ideas.  The English 3 class will write story books that use literature to “achieve a purpose”.  Ms. Wachowiak’s class will read and review the stories and start letter chains with the authors, acting as “junior” editors for their writing mentors here at CRSM.  

“My class is honing their ability to write with a purpose, write for a specific audience, think critically, and communicate with a group. We think this cross-school project will strengthen the little writer’s skills as well. We are very excited to do this exchange with our 2nd grade friends.  The Juniors will learn by having to create and then essentially “teach”, while the 2nd graders will benefit from working with a mentor writer.”
                                                                                                                                                                 -Liz Partenach, CRSM English Department