Cristo Rey’s Beth Kainic Wins Award

CTCL (Colleges That Change Lives), a non-profit that supports quality post-secondary education, has named Cristo Rey St. Martin’s Beth Kainic as a recipient of The 2019 Counselors That Change Lives Award.

The CTCL award recognizes the extraordinary work Ms. Beth Kainic does in her role as a college counselor who is “changing the lives of students each and every day – helping students search beyond the ratings and rankings to find a college that will provide the foundation for a successful and fulfilling life.

Beth has been working with CRSM students for nearly 7 years, guiding them through the nuances of a college application and the complexities of the financial aid process. The CRSM counseling department effectively teaches 1st generation college applicants how to navigate a daunting process, which can include tracking financial aid letters, interpreting scholarship awards and identifying potential roadblocks. Whether it’s helping with FAFSA, CSS Profiles or filing supplemental materials, Ms. Kainic and her associates have been extraordinarily successful in helping CRSM students reach their collegiate goals.

When asked about what keeps her working so many hours in counseling she said, “When I see a first generation, underrepresented student head off to college – or I have a part in students visualizing themselves on a college campus – changing the trajectory of their lives, that’s a big deal.”

College admissions representatives recommend counselors for this award, as they did for Beth Kainic – and rightly so. Beth and the CRSM counseling department is in continuous contact with students and parents about financial aid, the process and outcomes. In addition, each CRSM family schedules a forty-five minute counseling meeting at which the student’s situation (Work-study options, grants, types of loans, etc.) is assessed and discussed.

Ms. Kainic said, “The students do all the work, we just guide them through the process.” But as CTCL noted with this award, there’s a little bit more to it than that.

Bravo Beth Kainic!