In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CRSM is operating with methods which meet or exceed all CDC and ISBE guidelines for the safety of teachers, students and work-study supervisors.
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from Dr. Odiotti
Community members may register for a vaccine at this link:
 Los miembros de la comunidad pueden comenzar a registrarse para recibir la vacuna en el enlace a continuación.

To date we have had zero cases of COVID transmission within the Cristo Rey school community.

Dear CRSM community:
The majority of our community will be fully vaccinated (100% of our teachers are already vaccinated), which is defined as two weeks after receiving the second dose of a two dose vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) or two weeks after receiving the first dose of a one dose vaccine (Johnson and Johnson.) Starting Monday June 28, 2021, any community member that is fully vaccinated will no longer have to wear a mask.  However, we ask all students to check-in as usual with the nurses to make sure that we have a record of your vaccination.  In addition, those students that are fully vaccinated no longer need to take a weekly covid test. For those students that are not yet fully vaccinated, we will continue to covid test these students each Monday. In addition, students and community members that are not yet fully vaccinated will be required to wear masks while indoors (with the exception of while eating.)  Although people who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear masks, we are supportive of vaccinated people who choose to wear a mask.  As a reminder, all students that are not yet vaccinated should schedule their first vaccine appointment on or before July 16 to ensure they are fully vaccinated at the start of our school year on August 23, 2021. If you have any questions, please let me or our nurses know.
La mayoría de nuestra comunidad estará completamente vacunada, lo que se define como dos semanas después de recibir la segunda dosis de una vacuna de dos dosis (Pfizer o Moderna) o dos semanas después de recibir la primera dosis de una vacuna de una dosis (Johnson y Johnson.) A partir del lunes 28 de junio de 2021, cualquier miembro de la comunidad que esté completamente vacunado ya no tendrá que usar una máscara. Sin embargo, les pedimos a todos los estudiantes que se registren como de costumbre con las enfermeras para asegurarse de que tenemos un registro de su vacunación. Además, los estudiantes que están completamente vacunados ya no necesitan tomar una prueba de covid semanal. Para aquellos estudiantes que aún no están completamente vacunados, continuaremos evaluando a estos estudiantes cada lunes. Además, los estudiantes y miembros de la comunidad que aún no estén completamente vacunados deberán usar máscaras mientras estén en el interior (con la excepción de mientras comen). Aunque las personas que están completamente vacunadas no necesitan usar máscaras, apoyamos a las personas vacunadas que elige usar una máscara. Como recordatorio, todos los estudiantes deben programar su primera cita de vacunación para el 16 de julio o antes para asegurarse de que estén completamente vacunados al comienzo de nuestro año escolar el 23 de agosto de 2021. Si tiene alguna pregunta, hágamelo saber a mí oa nuestras enfermeras.
Mike Odiotti
If you have any questions about the vaccine our school nurses or myself are happy to answer any questions you may have about the vaccines that are available.
Below are our COVID numbers since the beginning of the pandemic:
A continuación se muestran nuestros números de COVID desde el comienzo de la pandemia:

School Based Transmissions: 0

Month Staff Students Total
March 0 0 0
April 1 1 2
May 0 2 2
June 0 1 1
July 0 0 0
August 2 1 3
September 0 1 1
October 1 1 2
November 2 10 12
December 2 9 11
January 0 7 7
February 0 0 0
March 0 0 0
April 0 0 0
May 1 1 2
June 0 0 0
Total cases since March 2020 9 34 43

The most important steps we can take are following the safety guidelines outlined by CDC. Please remember masks, social distancing and hand washing are proven mitigation efforts that are easy to do.

Lastly, for the health and safety of our entire community it is important that everyone share any of the following situations with our nursing team:

  • a positive COVID test result or awaiting a COVID test result; for yourself or family member living in your household
  • any COVID symptoms or other illnesses; for yourself or family member
  • a known COVID exposure; or
  • any travel out of state or country (or having family visit you from out of state or country) so that we can communicate a safe return to school date following the latest CDC guidelines.
  • Please do not come on campus for classes or CWSP after winter break if any of the 4 above apply to you until you are cleared by the nurses.
  • Please notify school nurses ASAP if you already know about travel plans or anything that might require quarantine at the end of break? Any info we can have ahead of time would be helpful for planning purposes.

We are following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).

You can view more information on vaccine distribution and manufacturer timelines by using the links below.
How the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) is Making Vaccine Recommendations –

We have been able to keep our building safe and healthy (with zero Covid transmissions within our school) because of the tremendous efforts of the entire community.  (As previously communicated, also know that any student or staff has the option to work remotely if that option works best for them and their respective needs.)
We ask that you continue to report any symptoms, even the most mild, to our school nurses so that we can develop a plan to ensure it is safe for one’s presence in the building. The entire community has been extremely helpful in this regard and I want to thank each of you for taking the community’s health and safety into regard in all your actions.
As we often say here at CRSM, “We all do better, when we all do better.” A special thanks to our nursing team and their herculean efforts in staying on top of and communicating with students, families and staff in terms of any contact tracing and health follow-up that is needed for our students and staff. I feel blessed that we can continue to offer an in-person option for those students that benefit from having an educational space to complete their work and ensure our students’ academic growth and progress. We are able to achieve excellent results because of the outstanding support of our teachers, staff, students and families.
What we do outside of the school building matters greatly to the health and well-being of the entire CRSM community. We all know that in-person learning is a much richer and beneficial experience for many students. As positive COVID cases rise in the community surrounding CRSM, please continue to be vigilant at all times.
Estimadas familias de CRSM:
Los miembros de la comunidad pueden comenzar a registrarse para recibir la vacuna en el enlace a continuación.

No hemos tenido un solo caso de transmisión en CRSM y nuestros números de casos internos de COVID continúan estando muy por debajo del uno por ciento. Los datos continúan mostrando que las escuelas que están comprometidas con las medidas de mitigación recomendadas brindan entornos seguros para los estudiantes, el profesorado y el personal.

Lo que hacemos fuera del edificio escolar es de gran importancia para la salud y el bienestar de toda la comunidad de CRSM. Todos sabemos que el aprendizaje en persona es una experiencia mucho más rica y beneficiosa para muchos estudiantes. A medida que aumentan los casos positivos de COVID en la comunidad que rodea a CRSM, continúe estando alerta en todo momento.

Nos gustaría recordarles a todos que continúen usando una máscara, se laven las manos y mantengan una distancia de seis pies cuando sea posible. recuerde que es más seguro celebrar las fiestas con las personas de nuestros hogares individuales, utilizando las redes sociales y otras plataformas virtuales para conectarse con familiares y amigos.


Mitigation Procedures
Since the start of the pandemic, our leadership team has been following all reports from CDC and our local health departments and other reports about how to safely reopen schools.

  • Our maintenance team has been trained to follow CDC recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting. 
  • We will have all recommended signage around campus to remind everyone to practice good hygiene and other cleaning procedures. 
  • We will have a set protocol for disinfecting students’s desks and other surfaces each day. 
  • We retrofit restroom fixtures to become touchless.
  • We upgraded our HVAC system to include UV filtration.
  • Students and staff must bring their own water bottles. Water fountains will only be used for refilling bottles, which have touchless features.