Corporate Work Study Successfully Transitions Students to Work Remotely 

As with most of CRSM’s activities, Corporate Work Study has had to adjust to the new normal of the pandemic. Over 45 business partner executives gathered virtually for the 2021 Business Partner Meeting. At the top of the agenda was one of the central issues facing many of northern Illinois’ corporations – remote work.

Because of Cristo Rey’s partnerships with the business community, the Work Study Department has found itself in a unique position to help – while Cristo Rey students have been successfully transitioning to remote learning, they have also been training to work remotely for their assigned companies.

Here is a quick look at how Cristo Rey and its business partners are making it work:

Attendees broke out into groups to discuss their experiences and identify their most successful techniques. The groups reconvened to share those insights. President Kendall spoke about CRSM’s strategic position, its successes, the outlook for the immediate future and gave an update on the nearly completed Phase 2 construction project.

Brian Weinberg, the Director of Corporate Work Study, introduced new members of the staff, gave performance updates, discussed student performance reviews, and asked his staff to present best practices for new partners.


If you know of any companies that could benefit from our corporate work study program, please contact Brian Weinberg at: 224-219-9724