Work Study Students Earn Microsoft Certifications

One of Cristo Rey’s missions is to prepare students for work.



Our Certified students “have demonstrated the ability to command the full features and functionality of Microsoft Word and Excel, preparing them for future academic or workforce opportunities.”
For those Certified in Word 2019/365, these are some of the skills they have mastered:
  • Advanced Find Options
  • Formatting text & Format Painter
  • Setting line and paragraph spacing
  • Using built in styles
  • Insert Page, Section, and Column Breaks
  • Convert Text to Tables and vice versa
  • Format Tables including sorting data and applying formulas within a table
  • Configure a Repeating Row Header
  • Define Custom List Formats
  • Insert footnotes and endnotes & creating and modifying citations
  • Creating and Customize a Table of Contents
  • Inserting and formatting various graphics including 3D, pictures, and other graphics
  • Managing document collaboration with tracking changes
For those Certified in Excel 2019/365, these are some of the skills they have mastered:
  • Importing files & text
  • Creating named ranges
  • Print settings, headers and footers and printing
  • Page views
  • Split windows
  • Special paste options
  • Number, text, and cell formatting
  • Applying sparklines and creating graphs
  • Applying conditional formatting
  • Creating and modifying tables
  • Modify, Sort, and Filter Table Data
  • Creating and applying formulas including IF, CONCATENATE, MAX, MIN, SUM, and using reference cells.