Welcome to Cristo Rey St. Martin Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP)!

We, as well as our students, are excited to have you as part of our CRSM family. Like any family, it is important that we communicate. We hope that this page helps in communicating details you will need to have a successful experience with the CWSP.

Below you will find resources for a successful year including calendars, CRSM Business Partner Handbook, daily checklist for students, and our newest CWSP Framework. We also have a copy of the Work Authorization Form for hiring our students over breaks and summer.

Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions, comments or concerns. Our contact information is below.

Many thanks,

Celeste, Lluviana, Jackie, Brian, Marcelino and Keith

Corporate Work Study – Contact Information

Main Number for CWSP (m) 224-587-7337
Brian Weinberg Director of Corporate Work Study (m) 847-769-1751 brianweinberg@cristoreystmartin.org
Celeste Acosta CWSP Relationship Manager (m) 847-714-3343 celesteacosta@cristoreystmartin.org
Lluviana Arizmendi CWSP Relationship Manager (m) 847-445-1673 larizmendi@cristoreystmartin.org
Jackie Flores CWSP Relationship Manager | CWSP Operations Lead (m) 847-477-2601 jflores@cristoreystmartin.org
Marcelino Hernandez Fleet & Facilities Coordinator mhernandez@cristoreystmartin.org
Keith Schoenberg IVC Volunteer kschoenberg@cristoreystmartin.org


Corporate Work Study – Important Information

 CWSP Calendar Information How to have a sucessful CWSP Launch
 CWSP Framework for Supervisors CWSP Business Partner Handbook
 CWSP Work Authorization School Breaks / Summer Supervisor Daily Checklist