Corporate Work Study Program: Freshman Ready for Work

Freshman Ready for Work After Training in the Corporate Work Study Program

Freshmen spend many hours in the CWSP going over the basics of how to work in a corporate environment. The topics covered span a wide range of skills that students (and adults) need to survive and thrive in a business environment.

  • Email Etiquette
  • Timecard Training
  • Professional Chit Chat
  • CWSP Expectations
  • Note Taking Instruction and Assessment
  • First Impressions
  • Elevator Pitch Instruction and Student Pitch Videos
  • Shark Tank Instruction and Presentations

Subject: learning how to use e-mail
cc: every freshman

How many of us could use a refresher course on e-mail etiquette? Below are a few slides from the e-mail study guide. Students practiced sending e-mails and were critiqued on their work.













Students were asked to quickly develop a product and then present it to a panel of corporate executives. The exercise is designed to help student workers become proficient at presenting their ideas in a corporate environment. Here is an example of a student submission: