College Counseling Working Overtime

Hello, we hope everyone is OK.

Currently the College Counseling Department is meeting with students one-on-one using video-conferencing. Our seniors are facing special challenges during this time of uncertainty, having to complete their last year in high school while deciding on what college they should attend.

Seniors are looking for award letters, completing verification forms if it applies to them, working on scholarships, and attending virtual college visits. Last week we video-conferenced with a student who shared her screen with us, so we were able to guide her line-by-line to complete a verification form that was due at her college of choice.  We’re making calls with the students; we are present on those call in order to advocate with them.  This is something we would normally do with our students in person at school. It’s not ideal, but we are making it work given the circumstances. We are in constant contact with our college representatives as they too are supporting our students by providing us with innovative ideas.

Looking ahead, we are likely going to be reviewing award letters with families via tele-conference rather than our traditional in-person meetings. We’re preparing for every eventuality so we will be able to provide guidance throughout this difficult situation.

As you can imagine, many of our students are concerned about the uncertainty of their parents’ employment and the financial instability this might cause. This is a crucial time for our students – award letters, one-on-one meetings with families, and guidance on committing to schools of choice.  We are adapting as the situation unfolds and we are comforted by the caring and dedicated CRSM staff and teachers who are also navigating this new situation.


Sharon Holdvogt & Lori Felix
College Counselors